I’ll admit it – I kind of hopped on the Earth Day trend. It wasn’t until everyone started posting all these things about loving the planet and ‘going green’ on Earth Day of 2019 that I really paid much attention to the topic at all. But hey, here we are [however many months] later, all the posts are gone or old news, and nobody is talking about it anymore, but I’m still very much on board. So maybe the possibly superficial attention that was given to the holiday just kick started my new mission. Maybe the day actually served its purpose of bringing more awareness and creating new tree huggers like me.

Alright, let’s be real though – I’m FAR from being a tree hugger. But I do really care about being more conscious and intentional about what I’m doing to the planet now! I won’t be turning my life upside down, but I did look into some smaller ways I could do my part. I’ve listed 32 ideas to going green[er] below so you can see for yourself. Most are minor, so anyone can do them – yes, even you. (If I can get Jonathan to join in on most of these with me, then I really do mean ANYONE can do them.) And if you’re feeling inspired or a little ambitious one day, try out one of the more work intensive ones. You never know what could start a movement…

  1. Turn the lights off
  2. Stop buying bottled water
  3. Bring reusable shopping bags
  4. Carpool / walk / bike
  5. Air / line dry clothes
  6. Start a compost pile
  7. Ditch disposable dishes
  8. Shorten your showers
  9. Adjust the thermostat
  10. Unplug anything you’re not currently using
  11. Buy energy-efficient
  12. Consider using solar
  13. Borrow, don’t buy
  14. Or buy used / preowned
  15. Choose natural / DIY beauty products
  16. Grow your own food
  17. Or buy local
  18. Use natural air fresheners
  19. Switch light bulbs for CFLs
  20. Use a rake instead of a blower
  21. Wash clothes in warm instead of hot water
  22. Install low flow faucets
  23. Get a recycling bin
  24. Refuse single-serving packaging (straws, excess packaging, bottles, bags, etc.)
  25. Bring your own mug to coffee shops
  26. Replace sandwich bags with reusable lunch boxes
  27. Volunteer for cleanups!
  28. Buy groceries with less / recyclable packaging
  29. Get air-purifying indoor plants (check out my Plants page for some ideas!)
  30. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth, washing your hands, shaving, etc.
  31. Use steel / glass food storage containers
  32. Save glass jars and use them for storage purposes or decorative pieces

Updates to come on how this green mission is going for me. Later on I’ll let you know which ideas are my favs, which are hardest for me to stick to, and what keeps me inspired. If you try some or have any more ideas, let me know in the comments! xx

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