How to Find the Perfect Gift

I LOVE gifting! I’m not obsessed with gift getting, but I do think gift giving might be one of my love languages. It brings me so much joy to give a gift that is so perfect for that person. But the real question is, how do you find those perfect gifts?? I don’t know about you, but if someone’s birthday is coming up, I can’t just sit down to think about what to get them and have the perfect idea instantly pop into my head. And at Christmas time, I wander around the mall aimlessly and unsuccessfully trying to get inspiration for everybody on my list.

But after years of brainstorming, research, and trial and error, I have discovered one trick that has worked wonders for me:

Gift stockpiling.

It is exactly what it sounds up – building up a stockpile of gifts ahead of time. Now this isn’t a pile of generic gifts, or buying things to have them ‘just in case’. But often times, I see things online, or notice them when I’m out shopping for something completely unrelated, or maybe even just have a cute idea pop into my head that immediately makes me think of a loved one. I think “wow this is so [insert name]” or “[so and so] would love this!” But, of course, this always happens at the wrong time of year. In other words, “so and so” doesn’t need a gift right now. So I tell myself I’m going to remember it when the time comes, or maybe even jot it down somewhere, and then when the time actually comes, I’ve completely forgotten about it.

So, instead, my stockpiling method is to get that gift right then and there. Then I save it for that special occasion that allows gifts, and voila! I already have the perfect gift for them. 🙂

I do this all the time for Jonathan, mostly because I know all the things he loves and also because he doesn’t really like getting gifts. So when I do find those sweet gift ideas, I must save them for an actual occasion. But it’s worked out amazingly! Those special occasions almost always sneak up on me, and now I don’t have to stress about finding a last minute gift that’s still very meaningful and thoughtful.

There are a few caveats with this method though.

It’s really not doable for everybody you know / may need a gift for. Obviously, my significant other is a pretty easy one, my immediate family members and closest friends are good go-to’s as well. But beyond that, I don’t typically have other people pop into my mind randomly when I see something at a store.

REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT THEM! It’s the worst feeling in the world when you’re cleaning out your closet and find that saved gift for the birthday that happened last month. I created a designated space for any of my stock piled gifts and only those gifts. Not only do I know exactly where they all are, but it’s also a reminder whenever a gifting event comes up – always go check my stockpile first!

Don’t go overboard. Only get those gifts that are truly perfect. Don’t get carried away buying everything you see that makes you think of your significant other or best friend. At that point it’s a waste of money, it’s likely stuff they don’t need, and it’ll just create clutter in your home!

This method just takes advantage of those perfect ideas that already come to you naturally. We just typically miss them because they never come to us at the right time, but now they don’t need to! Even if your “stockpile” only consists of one or two gifts, I hope it helps you achieve that perfect gift giving joy that I experience when it works so well for me! 🙂

Published by Sydnei Creel

I'm a recent college grad from Duke University where I ran track and did cheerleading. This is the place where I like to gather all of my creative outlets! From plants, to home decor, to recipes and crafts, and so much more.

2 thoughts on “How to Find the Perfect Gift

  1. Oh, I’ve done this for years! I have a special cabinet at home where I collect the stockpile and told my husband to stay out of it. He does, but to be sure I also locked it and have the keys with my other stuff.


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