Here it is!! My very first plant project!! It’s small, nothing too ambitious but that’s exactly what I need. It’s beginner level. Growing up I was sort of known for having a black thumb – every plant, flower, or growing thing I tried to love on very rudely died. But in my defense, it was usually because of too much love! I was a notorious over waterer. But I was also the kid who sat outside and talked to my plants for hours because someone somewhere told me that that would help them grow. Win some, lose some.

Anyway! My love for plants and watching them grow has resparked in the past year or so, however I’ve been loving from a distance. Translated to: watching other people’s plant spaces thrive, usually from the internet. (I know how weird that sounds, even stranger than explaining House Hunters to a non-HGTV watcher. If you’ve never done that, I dare you to try. It sounds incredibly bizarre and boring and yet…) It never seemed like a good time to start, nor did I have any type of a proper space (college dorm rooms can sometimes be less than inviting for a plant ecosystem). BUT THEN my mom and I found this perfect little empty space in our new house and decided to fill it up. We headed to Lowe’s one weekend and picked out as many flowers, plants, and herbs as we could fit in two carts.

Then we spent the next hour or so arranging and rearranging and looking and shifting until we decided the set up was good enough. Truth be told, we’re still moving things around to this day. One thing I didn’t think about when buying the plants was to also buy plant saucers. Clearly I’m a beginner, but if you’re like I was and are unsure of the purpose of a plant saucer, it fits under the planter – which has holes in the bottom – to catch any runaway dirt and/or water. We got clear plastic ones for less than a dollar each, but you can also get really nice saucers made from terra cotta at Crate & Barrel for closer to $11.

I’ve labeled the picture below with all of the names of what we got so you can easily find any that catch your eye! Something else that’s noteworthy is that all of these plants are fairly stable and low maintenance, meaning they are safe for my (and your) first plant home and not yet green thumb. 🙂

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