Musical Birthday Box

Jonathan is a professional musician so, obviously, music is his whole life. I fully enjoy music and can appreciate its endless intricacies, however, I have no formal music training, teaching, or knowledge whatsoever. In other words, he’s basically a genius and I’m basically a dunce. But that’s okay!! Because that means when I do put forth more effort to learn about musical things, he’s greatly appreciative of it. I think it’s his semi-secret mission in life to teach me how to read music. I find it unnecessary, but sometimes I humor him.

So for his birthday, I decided to throw in a small element of acquired musical knowledge with his gift. 😉

In other words, I Googled the sheet music for Happy Birthday. I bought plain wrapping paper and wrapped the box as I normally would, but then drew out the treble clef and attempted to replicate the sheet music for the first four words. Thankfully, those notes are pretty much as basic as you can get, hah.

And he loved it! Easy peasy. It looked good (enough) and he loved the gesture – probably more than the gift itself. It’s these little things that say ‘I love you & everything about you’.


Published by Sydnei Creel

I'm a recent college grad from Duke University where I ran track and did cheerleading. This is the place where I like to gather all of my creative outlets! From plants, to home decor, to recipes and crafts, and so much more.

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