Best Fall Coffee Tips ☕️ 🎃

Happy fall y’all!!

It is my FAVORITE season of the year and I spend as much time as I can in aaaall the coffee shops. I always get so excited when Hobby Lobby has their fall themed aisles way too early (you know, in early August or maybe even late July) just because I know that must mean there are other people that share my obsession with this season. I’m so obsessed, I even planned a fall wedding 😉

Speaking of which – my wedding is NEXT MONTH AH!!! So pumped, and I promise there will be plenty of wedding posts once it’s all actually said and done. Until then, I’ll give you some of my favorite fall time hacks, tips, and tricks. Starting with… coffee 🙂

Of course pumpkin spice lattes are the sign of the season, and rightfully so, they live up to the hype (if you like pumpkin, that is). But that’s not the only fall drink Starbucks has. This year, they rolled out a new pumpkin drink – the pumpkin cream cold brew, and if you’re a pumpkin fan you’ve gotta try this one. On the other hand, if you’re like Jonathan, he is not a pumpkin fan, so his go to order is the caramel apple spice cider. Y’all, it’s basically to die for. SOOOO good!! And, fun fact, you can order it year round. You’re welcome.

Dunkin is trying to become a strong contender against Starbucks lately, and they are not leaving pumpkin season out. They actually came out with their pumpkin flavors earlier this year to give them a leg up, just for a few days. Pro tip with Dunkin: if you’re getting a normal flavor swirl, always get it in a plain coffee. They’re bigger and cheaper and still taste good. If you’re getting pumpkin though, always – and I mean ALWAYS – get it in a latte. I don’t know why it’s so different, but it is… just stick with their pumpkin latte, and it’s all good! Maybe not quite as good as Starbucks’ PSL, but a decent alternative for way cheaper.

If you’re not trying to spend money buying a coffee everyday (or 4 – if you’re like me), then creamer is your best friend. And they sell every type of flavor you could dream of at basically any grocery store, including pumpkin spice! However, similar to in store coffee, not all pumpkin creamers were created equally. In my experience, you get what you pay for. (Note: this isn’t applicable for all flavors of creamer, just specifically pumpkin. This must be a harder flavor to figure out the balance of.) Cheaper options, like International Delight, are not the best. Starbucks’ pumpkin creamer seems to reign supreme but, of course, it’s noticeably more expensive. However, good news is it’s somewhere around $5-$6 for 28 floz, which can give you weeks worth of pumpkin tasting coffee from home! Overall, still a bargain compared to buying a latte in store.

Fall + coffee is my favorite season ever mixed with my favorite thing ever, so I could go on with this topic forever but I’ll stop here. Go drink a pumpkin latte for me!! 🎃

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