The Dirty Truth About Recycling

In my eyes, single use plastics are one of the biggest evils of the modern world. I encourage trying to eliminate their existence in every situation possible. The most common excuse or rebuttal I get from people using a plastic water bottle, for example, is – “but it’s recyclable!” And it hurts my heart. BecauseContinue reading “The Dirty Truth About Recycling”

My First Plant Wall – For Beginners

Here it is!! My very first plant project!! It’s small, nothing too ambitious but that’s exactly what I need. It’s beginner level. Growing up I was sort of known for having a black thumb – every plant, flower, or growing thing I tried to love on very rudely died. But in my defense, it wasContinue reading “My First Plant Wall – For Beginners”

32 Ways to Go Green

I’ll admit it – I kind of hopped on the Earth Day trend. It wasn’t until everyone started posting all these things about loving the planet and ‘going green’ on Earth Day of 2019 that I really paid much attention to the topic at all. But hey, here we are [however many months] later, allContinue reading “32 Ways to Go Green”