My First Plant Wall – For Beginners

Here it is!! My very first plant project!! It’s small, nothing too ambitious but that’s exactly what I need. It’s beginner level. Growing up I was sort of known for having a black thumb – every plant, flower, or growing thing I tried to love on very rudely died. But in my defense, it wasContinue reading “My First Plant Wall – For Beginners”

How to Find the Perfect Gift

I LOVE gifting! I’m not obsessed with gift getting, but I do think gift giving might be one of my love languages. It brings me so much joy to give a gift that is so perfect for that person. But the real question is, how do you find those perfect gifts?? I don’t know aboutContinue reading “How to Find the Perfect Gift”

32 Ways to Go Green

I’ll admit it – I kind of hopped on the Earth Day trend. It wasn’t until everyone started posting all these things about loving the planet and ‘going green’ on Earth Day of 2019 that I really paid much attention to the topic at all. But hey, here we are [however many months] later, allContinue reading “32 Ways to Go Green”