Busyness Isn’t Better

I’m not sure if it was one crazy smart person, or the culmination of those over time, but it was an intense power move to associate a heightened sense of status and importance with the idea of busyness. Think about it – we envy the mom who seems to ‘do it all’, a comment aboutContinue reading “Busyness Isn’t Better”

Best Fall Coffee Tips ☕️ 🎃

Happy fall y’all!! It is my FAVORITE season of the year and I spend as much time as I can in aaaall the coffee shops. I always get so excited when Hobby Lobby has their fall themed aisles way too early (you know, in early August or maybe even late July) just because I knowContinue reading “Best Fall Coffee Tips ☕️ 🎃”

32 Ways to Go Green

I’ll admit it – I kind of hopped on the Earth Day trend. It wasn’t until everyone started posting all these things about loving the planet and ‘going green’ on Earth Day of 2019 that I really paid much attention to the topic at all. But hey, here we are [however many months] later, allContinue reading “32 Ways to Go Green”