Pumpkin Spice Macarons

Okay, I’m going to put this disclaimer right up front: THESE ARE HARD! Not specifically this pumpkin version, but rather macarons in general. They’re the most temperamental bake I’ve ever made. But I think I’ve finally gotten it right! This batch was the best I’ve done yet. Of course I’ll list all of the ingredientsContinue reading “Pumpkin Spice Macarons”

Sweet Potato Soufflé

I made this recipe three times last year over the holidays and that STILL wasn’t enough. Everybody loved it! People were constantly asking me to make it again. It’s particularly fitting for the holiday season, but this dish makes a killer side any time of year. (And if you have a sweet tooth, this mayContinue reading “Sweet Potato Soufflé”

Outback Steakhouse Bread Recipe

New + beginning bread maker here. 🙋🏽‍♀️ This is only about the third time I’ve made some type of bread. Previously I’ve tried rolls and biscuits – one worked, one failed dramatically, neither were flavored. This recipe was made as a loaf (but can be easily adjusted into rolls) and includes flavors of molasses, honey,Continue reading “Outback Steakhouse Bread Recipe”