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This is the place where I explore and explain many different aspects of environmentally friendly practices. My goal is to help you realize that living sustainably is cool, it’s necessary, and it may look different than you think. Anybody can do it, and when we all do it, we make a massively positive impact on our planet.


My lovely and talented husband is the leader of Creel Creative with his incredible photography and editing skills. I recently found my place helping at shoots with styling, posing, being the behind-the-scenes hype-woman, basically our clients’ new best friend. I aim to make sure they’re having the time of their life. Learn more about what we do and see samples of our work here.

Individual Sustainability

I love to bake when I’m happy. Or anxious. Or sad. Or bored. Or inspired. Basically whenever I have the chance; whether there’s an occasion and someone to eat the desserts or not. My favorite thing is turning normally large portioned desserts into individual or bite sized portions. For example, large cakes become cake pops; pies become little turnovers; and cheesecakes get mini. Click through a gallery of some of my favorite bakes and even a few of the recipes.

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